Motivation is offering a set of free categories for managing stress and anxiety during the current pandemic.

A Daily Dose of Motivation

Whether you’re going through hard times, need an extra push to get stuff done, or enjoy sharing inspirational quotes on social media, Motivation has you covered.

Love yourself better

Control your anxiety, build confidence, and find calm.

Kick off the day

Focus on your goals at work, sport or personal growth.

Get inspiration

Find deep quotes and share them to the world.

What people are saying about Motivation

"I love all the quotes I get daily. They always motivate me to do better each day."

Lauren Tron

"This app is surprisingly effective. The reminders often seem targeted to specific things going on in my life and they help me stay positive and keep working toward my goals in a healthy way."


"I loved being able to post quotes on social media as well as gain inspiration!"


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