Motivate your team

Keep your colleagues motivated and inspired with daily random quotes.

Motivating the team is likely to be high on your agenda. With Motivation, you can receive motivational quotes directly in any Slack channel.

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What people are saying about Motivation

"I love all the quotes I get daily. They always motivate me to do better each day."

Lauren Tron

"This app is surprisingly effective. The reminders often seem targeted to specific things going on in my life and they help me stay positive and keep working toward my goals in a healthy way."


"I loved being able to post quotes on social media as well as gain inspiration!"


Request a Quote

You can use the /motivation command to request a quote. Just like this one:

Request a specific quote

You can use the /motivation work command to request a quote about work.

Request a specific quote with emojis

Use whichever emoji to find a random quote. /motivation 🤡

Schedule automatic reminders

Use the /motivation reminders command to configure daily motivational reminders in a specific Slack channel.